5 x 5 square ft Allotment Residency Spring viewing Sunday 9th May 2021

Working with Thamesmead Texas, this residency is looking at natural farming and soil politics over one year. There will be public access projects over the year.
The first public event is coming up on Sunday 9th May.

The event is fully booked and we are going to stream on Instagram live, two platforms: @5x5sqft and @thamesmeadtexas at 2pm Sunday 9th May.

5 x 5 square ft Allotment Residency February 2021 - February 2022

I will produce a new body of work in situ during one-year residency at 5 x 5 square ft Allotment in Thamesmead Texas. For further details see the Thamesmead Texas website and follow instagram @5x5sqft.

Virtual Visions from 28 November 2020 (online exhibition)

I am showing a film "To Those Who Missed The Spring" from drawings created during the first lockdown period in the UK.

You can view Virtual Visions here

Launched on Saturday 28th November, on the 263rd birthday of William Blake
Curated by Mikey Georgeson

Artists include: Sarah Sparkes, Flange Zoo, Rosalind Faram, Charlie Fox, Ridwan Aboubakari, Mark Scott-Wood, Rob Flint, Paul Greenleaf, Jonathan Hayter, Gordon Beswick, Arzu Kiraner, Tom Ashforth, K J J Warren, Caroline Gregory, Matt Hulse, Miyuki Kasahara, Baron Gilvan, Cameron Poole, Linda MacDonald, Anna Fairchild, James Hutchinson, Sophie Barr, Rob Lyon, Larry Green, Plastique Fantastique, Tanja Ritterbex, Kitsune Tsukai & Noro Nebulae, Lado Darakhvelidze, Marie Louise Plum, Frances Disley, Harry Pye, Michael Horowitz, Vanessa Vie, Geoff Brunell, Gretta Sarfaty, Paul Tecklenberg, Julia Indelicate, Charley Stone, Calum F Kerr (Billy Pilgrime)

Marsh Harrier's Shadow Film Launched on September 2020

Just after the first lockdown in the UK, Youth Eco Development Council (YEDC) Thamesmead and I created a land art installation 'Marsh Harrier’s Shadow' from rubbish we collected in the local area. The shape is a flying Marsh Harrier silhouette. This bird of prey once ruled the marshlands including Erith marsh before Thamesmead was built.

Drone footage by Dave Cooper
Funded by Peabody and the National Lottery Heritage Fund

Watch the final film on YouTube here

Swarm ( Part 2 ): artists respond to the pollinator crisis (touring exhibition)
1 February 2020 - 30 April 2020

Open 24hours

1B Window Gallery
1B Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow
London E17 7HA

In Swarm artists Anna Alcock, Hannah Ford, Miyuki Kasahara, Alke Schmidt and Sandie Sutton respond to this crisis with new work that draws on the latest research into the causes of the alarming decline of pollinators. Featuring painting, printmaking, textiles, sculpture and installation, the exhibition is both a call to arms and a celebration of these wondrous and hard-working insects that are so vital to our food security. With Swarm, the artists share with us their enthusiasm for our pollinating insects and aim to inspire us to protect them.

Curated by Alke Schmidt & Roisin Inglesby (Vestry House Museum)

Free Entry