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Title of work
Message to Me 2012
Client Shoreditch Trust, London
Date of work 2008 & 2012
Medium Acrylic paint, ink, paper transfer prints, wood
Dimensions 230cmx230cmx230cm

Part 1 - 2008

The project was devised with the creative collaboration of Primary schoolchildren (Our Lady & St Joseph and De Beauvoir Primary School) Year 3, 4, 6 in Hackney, London.

Inspired by the Olympics, local schoolchildren wrote messages to themselves in 4 years time through workshop sessions. These handwritten-messages then were transferred onto an installation, combined with my drawings based on Olympic site maps from the London Development Agency.

At the exhibition in Shoreditch Park, I collected messages on postcards (to themselves in 2012) from 200 visitors.
I promised to post back the schoolchildrens and visitors handwritten postcards as addressed in 2012.


Part 2 - 2012

On 11th July 2012, I posted back the message cards to the participants schools and homes.
The postcards collected number nearly 300 and include international visitors from USA, Australia, France, Germany and The Netherlands. The majority of participants are Hackney residents from 3 to 80 Years old.

The installation was displayed again on 14th July at Hoxton Street and 22nd July at De Beauvoir Gardens during the Shoreditch Festival 2012.

At the Hoxton Street exhibition, I met a person who participated this project in 2008 and received his card but he couldn't remember how he got involved at all.

I also received emails from participants and one said,

"Surprised! It is like a ghost of festivals past. It makes me think how quickly time goes by and how precious time is, and how fleeting all things are. I also feel reassured that you remembered to send the postcard! Thanks Kat"