The Tower

Title of work The Tower
Date of work 2014
Medium Installation & Performance
Exhibited Venue The Belfry, St John on Bethnal Green London

A two person's exhibition by Jude Cowan Montague and myself, we created a site-specific installation.

The Tower as a symbol of belief, death, power and love. Installation, moving image, poetry and performance interpreting stories from Lancashire and Tokyo.

Two towers were formative images in Jude's Bolton childhood: Rivington Pike Tower, an Armada beacon (1588) and hunting lodge (18th century); Malkin Tower, the home of Demdike who was accused of sorcery in the infamous Pendle Witch Trials (1612).

I am inspired by two incidents; a girl burning her house for love (1682) and the confession of a daughter of the cult leader who perpetrated the Tokyo subway sarin gas attack (1995).

We look at how women express themselves in the face of societal persecution.

During the exhibition, we also invited following artists and musicians to perform on site:

Flange Zoo
Graham Dowdall
Tina Hibbins
Hibiki Ichikawa
Astsuko Kamura
Steve Moyes
Jo Roberts