Settlement Trail (1884 - 2014)

Title of work Settlement Trail (1884 - 2014)
Client Camberwell Arts
Date of work 2014

Medium Installation - Acrylic, Wood
Exhibited Venue Cambridge House, London

I am looking at the history of the settlement movement in the United Kingdom. It was a reformist social movement that began in 1884. Increasingly concerns with poverty gave rise to those connected to universities settling students in the inner city to live and work alongside local people. Through their efforts settlement houses were established for education, health, sports, and arts.

Cambridge House is one of the earliest settlement houses and is still very active. Each sculpture has the name of the settlement house and the current location. It is mapped across the space and includes the settlement houses opened in the UK from 1884 to 1940.

The work traces their history and shows that some are still active (the doorway is open) and some no longer exist (the doorway is closed).

This work is commissioned for Lucky Dip, Camberwell Arts Festival 2014, 14 - 22 June 2014.