Winter’s Sleep

Title of work Winter’s Sleep
Date of work 2019
Medium Acrylic, clay, beeswax, tree sap
Dimensions 15cm x 23cm x 10cm
Exhibited Venue
Vestry House Museum, Walthamstow (London)

On a cold night, a rat broke into the beehive to seek shelter. Hundreds of bees attacked the rat and killed it. In order to protect their hive from decay, the bees covered the carcass in beeswax (Propolis), completely sealing it. The next spring the beekeeper found the mummified rat, which looked like it was still alive.

Inspired by a beekeeper’s tale, this work was created for five-person exhibition Swarm - Artists respond to the pollinator crisis, curated by Alke Schmidt & Roisin Inglesby (Vestry House Museum).