Namanari Cameron



Title of work Namanari Cameron
Date of work 2016
Medium Mixed Media
Dimensions 25cm x 18cm x 10cm
Exhibited Venue Milton's Cottage (John Milton's Museum), Chalfont St giles

Namanari is a type of mask used in Noh theatre, a classical Japanese mask performance started in the 14 century. Namanari represents the first stage of becoming a monster. The next stage is Hannya (a monster) and the final stage is Ja (a completed monster).

This work is commissioned for 'Beyond Words' exhibition at Milton's Cottage (John Milton's Museum). Accompanied by Milton's text;

"...His praise due paid, for swinish gluttony
Ne're looks to Heav'n amidst his gorgeous feast,
But with besotted base ingratitude
Cramms, and blasphemes his feeder."

– Milton, Comus (1634).