Linking the paper chain

Title of work Linking the paper chain
Client Hackney Museum
Date of work 2010-2012
Medium Installation - Paper, wire, mesh, steel
Dimensions125cm x142cm x 163cm
Exhibited Venue Hackney Museum

This project was part of Mapping the Change, as artist-in-residence at Hackney Museum, London. Through workshop sessions in 2010, local residents created hand-made paper and drew/wrote messages on the paper.

Messages were made out to people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, home to the 2016 Olympics and also future visitors of the Hackney Museum in 2012.

The final work is a 6-metre long spiral installation with the participants’ cards attached and red wire lines weaved through the meshing. The wire drawings give the impression of the route of the River Lea, the lines becoming like veins running through the piece.

After the exhibition, the cards made out to people in Rio de Janeiro were sent to Rio de Janeiro.