Fox’s window

Title of work Fox's Window
Date of work 2015 & 2011
Medium Performance
Exhibited Venue Kitchen Window Gallery & Nunhead Old Nursery, London

This work is my personal response to the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011 in Japan.

Story-telling performance at Nunhead Arts Festival September 2011. The performance was originally inspired by Kamishibai, which is a traditional Japanese interactive street performance using picture cards. However, during its development the work also became a theatrical experience like the traditional Japanese puppet theatre called Bunraku.

The film is a performance reading at the Kitchen Window Gallery with Calum F Kerr
Filmed by Daniel Lehan

Fox's window was written by Naoko Awa (1943-1993), an award-winning Japanese writer of modern fairy tales. The Fox’s Window is about nature, transformation, and bittersweet pain of fondly remembered past. The story expresses loss of family, orphans, death and disaster that could be from war but remains ambiguous and universal.

I chose this story because the exhibition was at an old nursery school and it was several months after the Tsunami disaster in Japan where many people were still missing, had lost their families and children became orphans.