Food for Feathered Friends

Title of work Food for Feathered Friends
Date of work 2022
Medium Performance
Performed Venues Cygnet Square, Thamesmead & Southmere Park

'Food for Feathered Friends' is an interactive workshop with ornithological investigator J D Swann (Calum F Kerr) and The Southmere Swan (myself with handmade puppet which I made) visiting from the nearby lake. Guess which food certain local birds like to eat and if appropriate, what to feed them. Feeding is helpful for many birds, something nutritious to help them through the winter. What food is good and what food is bad for them?

Commissioned by Continental Drifts for the Taste of Thamesmead Launch January 2022
'Food For Feathered Friends' also appeared at the Thamesmead Festival August 2022




Food for Feathered Friends