Folding Flocks

Title of work Folding Flocks
Client Continental Drifts, London
Date of work 2022
Medium Installation - Aluminium, stainless steel
Exhibited Venues Well Hall Pleasaunce Greenwich & Crossway Park, Thamesmead

‘Folding Flocks’ is a life-sized origami bird sanctuary installation. These locally spotted wild birds include species like Mallard, Heron and Swift, over 120 were flying under one of the oldest trees in the Tudor garden, Well Hall Pleasaunce Greenwich.

According to the State of the World’s Birds report 2022, nearly half of all bird species are in decline, with more than one in eight at risk of extinction. The pressures causing these declines are well understood, and the vast majority are driven by human actions. If we do not protect them, we will not even be able to see familiar local birds in the future.

Commissioned for the Greenwich Annual Light trail, Sparkle in the Park December 2022

‘Folding Flocks’ also appeared at the enchanted path at Crossway Park for 'Light The Way' Thamesmead Light Festival March 2023